Monday, October 8, 2012

Morgan and Matthew go to the Zoo!

The last weekend Matthew came down to Columbia, we decided to take a trip to the SC Zoo!

I absolutely love animals and always think its a great idea to go to the zoo, until I get there. I love animals so much that it usually makes me so sad to see them in tiny little cages and not running around free. One Zoo that I don't normally feel this way at is the NC Zoo. I am pretty partial to that Zoo because:

1) Its in Asheboro, I'm from Asheboro
2) The exhibits are so big and the animals seem to have plenty of room to roam around and avoid the annoying people visiting if they want to.

I have never quite been as impressed with a Zoo as the NC Zoo, but the SC Zoo ran a close second. I was really happy about the amount of space they give the animals and they seemed to have a good variety of exhibits.

We also picked a perfect day to go because it was cloudy and cool so the animals were very active.

This is why we call Colby a deer/kangaroo/person/dog.

love this!

It was such a nice morning walking around with Matthew. We wanted to keep the weekend as relaxing as possible so Saturday was spent at the Zoo and Sunday was spent at home watching football.

I even made Kathryn's white bean chili (minus the chicken).

I absolutely love lazy Sundays!

I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Colder weather is starting to creep in and I'm loving it. Please get here Fall!

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  1. Love all the animal pics!! Glad yall had a fun and relaxing weekend. CAN'T wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!!