Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Weekend Recap

So as its Thursday night (the official start to my weekend), I figured I needed to go ahead amd post another weekend recap (from last weekend) before my next weekend begins again. And let me tell you, the days to come are bursting at the seams with fun things planned:

List of Fun:
  • Friday: Sushi and the State Fair
  • Saturday: dinner/drinks date with my favorites - Kathryn and Grego!!!
  • Sunday: Lazy Sunday with football and relaxation
More to come on all this soon! But lets go back to last weekend's craziness....

First, its important to note something the was going on around campus during the week. On Saturday, the Gamecocks were scheduled to play the Georgia Bulldogs and ESPN chose to cover it on College Gameday. So during the week crews were setting up for the taping, which was pretty cool to walk by in the Horseshoe.

The Gamecocks dominated the game (if you missed it), but more on this to come...

Last weekend I thought it would be a great idea to fit in as many different things as possible. It began with a trip home on Friday to spend time with family. It was the first Friday of the month so downtown was holding a celebration in the streets. I went out and enjoyed some great time with my parents and even Jared and Rachael made the trip to town as well.

It was also the end of a week long festival supporting the arts, so my mother and I made it to a show at the old studio that I took dance from in the second grade.

On to Saturday. 

I made it back to Columbia Saturday afternoon to make sure I could watch the big football game. A few friends were in town so we spent the night watching the game just at the apartment of my friends Phil and Cait. It was so crazy downtown and around the stadium, plus they have a 62" TV, so it was so nice just to stay in and hang out. 

Caitlin and I made appetizers for the boys and fun drinks for ourselves.

Sunday was spent re-cooping and catching up on homework and studying, nothing very exciting.

Now, I'm all caught up and hopefully will have some great posts to come about this weekend coming up. Along with the List of Fun, I have to tests to study for this weekend, so lets see how I get this all done!

Have a great weekend!

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