Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Recap: Part 3

Here it is...

The final installment of Jared and Rachael's wedding recap.

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Saturday morning was the morning of the wedding! I woke up early again and sat out on the porch with my parents until a few more people began to stir and it was time for mom and I to get ready to go to a bridal brunch at Poogan's Porch in downtown Charleston.



All of the bridesmaids as well as mother & aunt of the bride and mother of the groom enjoyed a yummy brunch and some coffee and mimosas. 

After brunch, the bridesmaids headed back to the Vendue Inn (also where Jared and Rachael were to spend the night) and began the process of getting ready. Not only did Rachael give all of her bridesmaids earrings for the wedding, she also gave us beautiful floral robes that we got to wear when getting ready.

The hair/make-up lady showed up and one by one we all were done up for the celebration.


When everyone was ready, it was time for pictures. Jared and Rachael chose to do a first look, so we were able to take most of the pictures before the wedding. We headed out to the area of fountains and took a bunch of group pictures.

Then it was off to the Rice Mill for the wedding!

(The following pictures were borrowed)



And from here it was time to party!! The reception was held inside the Rice Mill so we didn't have far to go.




It was such a fun night, everyone stayed on the dance floor and the party continued late into the night. The entire weekend was so much fun and it was wonderful to spend so much time with family. 

Thank you, Jared and Rachael, for the amazing weekend. I can guarantee everyone that was able to make it had so much fun.

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