Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Recap: Part 1

So as some of you might know, my brother got married this past weekend in Charleston, SC. And what a weekend it was! Because Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were so jam packed, I'm going to break this up into a couple different posts.

So here we go!

Thursday was arrival day. Almost everyone came in sometime Thursday afternoon or night. I had a biostat test Thursday morning, so I wasn't able to take off from Columbia until about 1pm.

Luckily, I live closer than anyone else who was traveling to the wedding so I made it to Folly Beach in about 2 hours.

My parents and brother had made it in a little earlier and were waiting for me at the house. My parents thought since so many people in our family were traveling in from so pretty far distances, it would be a lot of fun to rent a beach house that everyone could stay at and the wedding could be more like a vacation at the same time.

Sea Spot Front Porches

upstairs dining and living area

downstairs kitchen looking to front porch
The house was such a cute thing and worked perfectly for the number of people staying there (about 20 people). Once folks began to arrive (people were driving and/or flying in from Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Kansas) we decided to walk down the street to a local restaurant right off the beach for some dinner.

With the groom!
Dinner was great and it was so nice to see everyone and catch up. One of the best things about our house was its location and how close it was to everything. You could walk to the beach or just a block away was the downtown area with shops and restaurants.

After dinner we walked back to the house and hung out on the porch and in the living room just catching up and visiting. We waited as a few more stragglers made it down to the house (uhm, Aaron) and eventually made it to bed when everyone was all talked out.

More to come soon on:

Friday - Rehearsal dinner
Saturday - Wedding!


  1. Be kind when you explain the rehearsal dinner Morgie.....

  2. The house is so adorable! Can't wait for the rest of your recaps :)